Take a Trip to the big D!

Looking for something to do in Dallas: the web's best Dallas Live Entertainment Event Guide. We've got information about Dallas events, Dallas entertainment, Dallas sports, Dallas concerts, Dallas theater, Dallas shows, what to do in Dallas and much much more!

There's something new to see every day at one of the dallas's hundreds of live entertainment venues. Right now, you've got to check out these hot Dallas events and take the time to see the Dallas Cowboys. If Football isn't your thing, then mosey down to the American Airlines Center and see a great Dallas Mavericks basketball game.

Music in Dallas is a tradition, and many superstars have played the city. Top rockers performing in Dallas include Jimmy Buffett, Linkin Park, Rascal Flatts, and BB King.

When in Dallas, you simply must see the Dallas World Aquarium. The main chaturbate rooms attraction is a 22,000-gallon tunnel with a technicolor exhibition of living underwater reef life featuring a tremendous variety of fish in all their natural splendor. This popular Dallas tourist attraction promotes environmental awareness in the young, with a preservation program for young green sea turtles.

For those who like their history, Dallas is packed with sites and scenes where pivotal events in America's story were acted out. There is one particular site to which many Dallas tourists flock, namely the location of the still-unsolved assassination of John F. Kennedy. On the sixth floor of the former Texas School Book Depository from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired those shots in 1963, this specialty museum tracks the life and death of President John F. Kennedy. Complete with myriad exhibits and stories, you will not be disappointed if this is the type of Dallas attraction you are looking for.

Other historically themed Dallas attractions include "Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park." This is a truly amazing reconstruction of a former way of life which tourists in Dallas can visit and be awestruck by. The city's oldest park, the area is full of lush gardens with recreated Victorian landscaping and architecture. Close to downtown, the 13 acres of sprawling greenspace is studded with an eclectic suite of Victorian-era homes and shops, each one authentic and alive. Each building contains models engaging in the tasks of their day, such as weaving, cooking, blacksmithing and other assorted livelihoods of the Victorian era. The park is a giant history museum and remains under the guidance of the Dallas County Heritage Society. The society hosts Dallas events year-round, such as the annual Candlelight Country Fair and an Old Fashioned Fourth of July celebration. This wonderful monument to a way of life now long gone is not to be missed by those seeking culture and history on a visit to Dallas.

For those who prefer life in the fast lane, the Deep Ellum ("Deep Elm") section of Dallas is the place to be. A 170-acre area of Manhattan-style lofts, nightclubs, one-off restaurants, and groovy bars, Deep Ellum offers a sensational late-night treat to young revellers who don't want to sleep. The area is named for it roots at Deep Elm Street, east of the center of Dallas. Beginning in 1920, Deep Ellum was rightly considered the prime jazz and blues hotbed of the Southern States. World famous jazz and blues artists such as Robert Johnson and Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter played in Deep Ellum clubs like The Harlem and The Palace. Today, the area enjoys a huge amount of recognition as one of the prime sites for innovative underground culture in the nation, and its former image as a place where pickpockets, card sharps, and crap shooters met for skullduggery has boosted its credibility as a place for hip young people to party.

The Mile High City Rocks!

Looking for something to do in Denver: the web's best Denver Live Entertainment Event Guide. We've got information about Denver events, Denver entertainment, Denver sports, Denver concerts, Denver theater, Denver shows, what to do in Denver and much much more!

There's something new to see every day at one of the denver's hundreds of live entertainment venues. If you're truly hip, you've got to check out these hot Denver events, and take the time to see the Denver Broncos, for some excellent Denver football, or the NBA's Denver Nuggets for some serious hoop action.

If music's more your thing, Denver has a great tradition of rock 'n' roll in the city. Artists such as Toby Keith, The Police, Dave Matthews Band, and Aerosmith.

Denver is home to one of the United States Mint facilities. The United States Mint offers tours in its Denver location, free of charge. Touring the US Mint is a fascinating mystery tour for people of all ages, to be cherished for a lifetime. Tours cover the present conditions inherent in coin manufacturing as well as the history of the Mint itself. There is much to learn about about the craftsmanship required for the proper minting process, from the original designs and sculptures to the actual striking of the coins, all can be viewed by those taking this excellent Denver tour. Mint locations welcome school and youth groups (grades kindergarten through 12), organized military and veteran groups, and are wheelchair accessible. This an aspect of the Denver vacation experience that shouldn't be missed, as it is both fun and educational.

You can't visit Denver without seeing the Colorado State Capital building. The Mile-High City is surprisingly flat, despite the jasmin live presence of the Rocky Mountains. On the 15th step of the State Capitol Building, at a location clearly marked for your convenience, you will find yourself 5,280 feet above sea level. The Corinthian-style granite structure is really quite beautiful, with its gold leaf covered dome and many intricate features, bathed in the unique silver sunlight of the Rocky Mountains.

Named one of the top ten public gardens in the United States by Country Living Gardener magazine, Denver's excellent Botanic Gardens will wow and impress you with their elaborate and natural wonders. The senses reel, as you drift thorugh the dreamy flowers, caressing the lush plants and wallowing in their gorgeous armoma. The gardens are one of Denver's top outdoor attractions with so many aspects. There is a therapeutic garden which serves as a design model for facilities, catering to people with disabilities or special needs, featuring wheelchair-accessible paths, and elevated flower beds, among other well thought out Denver attractions in this mindful place.

Prepare to be completely lovestruck by Denver's wonderful downtown area. Downtown Denver was designated a Historic District in 1988, and its beautiful redbrick Victorian neighborhood had fell into a state of disrepair. A huge revitalization project created the unique 26 block LoDo District, now one of the main attractions in Denver. Nowadays, a neighborhood of mixed use dwellings, retail and business buildings, along with ritzy lofts and high-end restaurants, pack the once deserted streets. The renowned Tattered Cover bookshop is here, close to Denver's historic Union Station, another top Denver attraction. LoDo ("Lower Downtown") is the heart and soul of Denver excellent nightlife, with its jazz clubs, driving techno and dance clubs, interesting cocktail lounges, and colorful neighborhood bars. To the north of the LoDo is the revered Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team, yet another great attraction on this Mile High plateau.

Take a Joyride in Motown!

Looking for something to do in Detroit: the web's best Detroit Live Entertainment Event Guide. We've got information about Detroit events, Detroit entertainment, Detroit sports, Detroit concerts, Detroit theater, Detroit shows, what to do in Detroit and much much more!

There's something new to see every day at one of the detroit's hundreds of live entertainment venues. Right now, you've got to check out these Detroit events. When in Detroit, take the time to see the MLB's Detroit Tigers, the NFL's Detroit Lions, or the Detroit Pistons basketball team. If you prefer hockey, the Detroit Red Wings are a must when you're visiting Motown. Sports in Detroit will never let you down.

If you're in Detroit at the beginning of the year, make sure you visit the North American International Auto Show. The Auto Show introduces more new and prototype cars than any other auto show on the planet. Being the automotive capital of the world, it is imperative to visit the Auto Show if in Detroit when it is being staged.

One place which should be on your list of Detroit things to do is the RenCen. The Renaissance Center is a symbol for Detroit's revitalization. Overlooking the Detroit River, GM Renaissance Center has great views of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The breathtaking view from the Wintergarden, a five-story atrium packed with outlets and places to eat, will knock your socks off. The RenCen contains one of the world's tallest hotels, the Marriott Renaissance, a luxuriant place to stay on any trip to Motown.

Looking for a few good laughs? There are always plenty of great comedy acts to catch when visiting Detroit. Many famous comedians have played the city, such as Bob Saget, David Spade, and Sinbad.

If concerts and musicals are more your speed, then there are certainly plenty of musical Detroit attractions to see. Many famous musicians have played Detroit over the years and you might well catch someone of note while you're visiting Detroit. Among those who enjoy playing the Motor City are The Police, Van Halen, and The Dave Matthews Band.

Take a Trip to The Insurance Capital of the World!

Looking for something to do in Hartford: the web's best Hartford Live Entertainment Event Guide. We've got information about Hartford events, Hartford entertainment, Hartford sports, Hartford concerts, Hartford theater, Hartford shows, what to do in Hartford and much much more!

There's something new to see every day at one of the hartford's hundreds of live entertainment venues. Right now, you've got to check out Wicked at the Mortensen Hall and take the time to see the Uconn Huskies take it to the gridiron at Rentschler Field.

Looking for something that you can take the kids to? Then you're in luck. Right now there are a number child friendly events going on. See Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up and the Doodlebops at the Hartford Civic Center, or for your older kids there's Hannah Montana or Disney On Ice: High School Musical both also playing at the Hartford Civic Center.

Of course, if you're for something a little more grown up, then check out Genesis playing at the Hartford Civic Center or Toby Keith who will be playing at the New England Dodge Music Center.

Do you like watching those Star Search kind of competitions on jasminelive television? Why not check one out live like So You Think You Can Dance? when it comes to the Hartford Civic Center. And if you're a fan of Amercican Idol, American Idols Live will be in town.

And if you are going to be in the Hartford area ,but you just aren't sure what's going on, then check out our listing of Hartford events to find something that you'd like to see.

If you're traveling into Hartford for the first time, check out this quick overview of tourism and transportation in the Windy Hartford.

Go For It in the Energy Capital of the World!

Looking for something to do in Houston: the web's best Houston Live Entertainment Event Guide. We've got information about Houston events, Houston entertainment, Houston sports, Houston concerts, Houston theater, Houston shows, what to do in Houston and much much more!

There's something new to see every day at one of the houston's hundreds of live entertainment venues. You've got to take time to see some basketball at the Toyota Center, or a great Houston baseball game at Minute Maid Park with the Houston Astros.

Houston's Museum of Natural Science is a place you simply have to see to believe. One of Houstons's top attractions, the museum houses fabulous dinosaurs, jewels, and ancient Egyptian treasures, and it remains one of the best things to do in Houston today. Exhibition halls are fitted with state-of-the-art devices and tools, such as video, computerized interactive events, and more, designed to educate visitors on the formation and life-forms of the seven continents, and ancient traditions and cultures of people far and wide. The Strake Hall of Malacology gives a rare glance into the living of invertebrates and includes a sizeable collection of shells, as well as live creatures. The world famous Foucault's Pendulum, an apparauts which physically demonstrates the rotation of the Earth relative to the fixed stars, is also housed in the museum, and you should not miss this excellent Houston attraction. Some of the largest gem stones in the world can be viewed in Cullen Hall, among the amazing examples of humankind's obsession with extracting precious stones from the earth's crust. Houston's Museum of Natural Science is a world class attraction right here in the Lone Star State.

A mission to Houston cannot be complete without a behind-the-scenes tour of NASA's amazing Johnson Space Center. You can see the Historic Mission Control Center, from which the most famous American visits to outer space were controlled, the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, or the current Mission Control Center. The Saturn V Complex at Rocket Park is also open to the public, and nobody can forget seeing these splendid vehicles and their accessory equipment. You may even get to watch astronauts training for real upcoming missions into space!

If the Texas weather has you a little hot under the collar, then visit the Adventure Bay Water Theme Park. There is no better way to cool down with the kids in the summer! Adventure Bay Water Theme Park's extensive network of waterslides, uphill "gravity defying" water coaster, other rides, and cool Houston attractions will help you enjoy yourself for hours, giving kids a chance to cut loose while Mom and Dad can chill out too! You'll be guaranteed to be treasuring your Houston memories if you pay a visit to this dreamy place, and those memories will be vivid and colorful!.

Staying with the watery theme, the 500,000 gallon barrel of fun, the Houston Downtown Aquarium, from the shark pool through which you can ride in a train, to the ferris wheel, to the excellent lookout tower from which you can survey the whole amazing underwater world, is a place of wonder. It is a fantastic place to visit, with its 90-foot diving bell ferris wheel, food courts, and its other great Houston attractions. The 7-acre complex contains 5 water-themed fun-packed sections, such as a Louisiana swamp, observation tower, a tropical river River, and even a shipwreck.